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TippingPoint Threat Protection System

Real-time detection, enforcement, and remediation without compromising security or performance

Threat Prevention

Go beyond next-gen IPS without compromising security or performance with real-time detection, enforcement and remediation.

Tipping Point integrates with the Deep Discovery Advanced Threat Protection soluiton to detect and blok targeted attacks and malware through preemptive threat prevention, threat insight and prioritization and real-time enforcement and remediation.

  • Inspect and block inbound, outbound, and lateral network traffic in real time
  • Defend the network with real-time, inline enforcement and automated remediation of vulnerable systems
  • Use machine learning techniques to make real-time decisions to immediately and accurately block malicious traffic

Dynamic Scalability

Performance scalability and flexibility for the most demanding network requirements.

Delivers unprecedented security and performance for high-capacity, high-performance enterprise networks. It scales performance requirements to protect data, critical infrastructures, and vulnerable applications in real time without adversely affecting network performance and is designed to follow your network wherever it moves whether it’s physical or virtual.

  • Scale performance from 250 Mbps up to 120 Gbps
  • Deploy up to 40 Gbps inspection throughput in a market-leading 1U form factor
  • Embraces software-defined network protection by deploying IPS as a service

Deep Inspection

Comprehensive threat insight and prioritization.

Gain complete visibility across your network with the insight and context needed to measure and drive vulnerability threat prioritization. Deep inspection of network traffic identifies and blocks threats undetected by traditional security solutions.

  • Submit potential indicators of compromise (IoC) to Deep Discovery for advanced threat analysis
  • Monitor and block URL suspicious objects with additional support for user-provided malicious entries

Flexible Deployment

Deployment flexibility and investment protection.

With flexible deployment options that are easy to setup and manage through a centralized management interface, TippingPoint provides immediate and ongoing threat protection with out-of-the-box recommended settings.

  • Simplify security operations with flexible deployment options that are easy to setup and manage
  • Reassign licenses across TPS deployments without changing network infrastructure
  • Easily scale performance and security requirements with pay-as-you-grow licensing model

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