Protecting your organization is a complex task that requires the right tools to meet your needs. In security, one size does not fit all, and organizations must carefully determine their requirements.


Company Overview


“InfoExpress provides network security solutions that enhance productivity and security through better visibility, improved security, and automating device and mobile access to the network. Hundreds of security conscious-organizations use InfoExpress products to secure their networks, data and client information.

InfoExpress’ solutions have been deployed at organizations of all sizes throughout the world, ranging from mid-sized to some of the largest enterprise networks in the world.” For over 15 years, enterprises across the world have trusted InfoExpress NAC solutions to protect millions of endpoints and thousands of sites. As the original inventors of NAC, we’ve designed Easy NAC to meet the needs of today’s organizations, which have fewer borders and more locations than ever before.



InfoExpress offers a family of appliances to meet different NAC requirements. All appliances support enforcement that secures access for mobile, desktop, and IOT devices without network changes, while supporting a core set of features.

Easy NAC Overview

Easy NAC is an agent-less NAC solution that is simple, secure and affordable, because it doesn’t make changes to the network. No switch, endpoint, or spanning port configuration is required. At the same time, Easy NAC has granular access controls, complete network visibility, and remote site connectivity options making it a simple and secure NAC solution for distributed organizations.

Key Features include :

  • Visibility / Device Profiling
  • LAN protection Posture
  • Enforcement
    Anti-spoofing Protection
  • Automated Whitelisting
  • Automated Threat Response
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • BYOD / Guest Access

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