Archicad is a professional building information modeling software solution complying with all digital-delivery requirements.

ARCHICAD is BIM. ARCHICAD© is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution for the architecture and design industry.

ARCHICAD’s focus on architecture, design, and creativity, combined with cutting-edge technology and innovation, allows architects to do what they do best: design great buildings.

  • STAIR TOOL – Designing stairs is one of the most complex tasks in architecture. ARCHICAD 21’s new Stair Tool evaluates thousands of design options and offers the most optimal stair designs to choose from in the context of the specific building. By doing the heavy lifting in the background — making sure the stair complies with global and local design standards — this tool turns what is usually a painful task into something fun.
  • RAILING TOOL – The new Railing Tool can be used to create complex, associative railings for Stairs, Slabs, Walls, Roofs or Meshes. The configurable Railing Pattern Editor offers unique railing patterns specific to each design project. Railings can be created with a single click based on pre-defined rules and standards.
  • PRO VISUALIZATION – ARCHICAD 21’s integrated CineRender — based on MAXON’s Cinema 4D v18 rendering engine — offers architects high quality, photo-realistic rendering in the BIM context. The latest version introduces Light Mapping and Secondary GI methods for more realistic, yet fast rendering.
  • ELEMENT CLASSIFICATION – ARCHICAD 21  introduces a flexible way to classify elements and spaces for better support of national or company standards and for unprecedented interoperability between project stakeholders.
  • IFC HOTLINKS – External IFC model content created by external consultants — such as Structural or MEP engineers — can be placed as hotlinks into ARCHICAD 21 design projects as protected reference content. These IFC modules can be easily updated ensuring streamlined, round-trip collaboration with engineers.
  • COLLISION DETECTION – With the evolution of BIM as the de facto workflow, architects increasingly receive consultant information in a BIM format. To help architects fulfil their role as lead coordinator of the model, Collision Detection allows two groups of elements to be compared through user-defined criteria sets.
Archicad Design


Unleash your creativity with the leading building information modeling software developed by architects just like you.  Algorithmic design tools and large model support let you do what you do best: design great architecture.


Spend your time designing great buildings — not worrying about the quality of your model. By connecting Archicad with the best-in-class analysis tools on the market, you’ll identify and solve issues in the earliest stages of the design. All this adds up to a more accurate design that’s easier to build and less expensive to operate.

Archicad Analyze
Archicad Collaborate


Work with teams around the corner or around the world on projects of any size or complexity.  No more waiting thanks to real-time instant messaging.  Clash detection and resolution are fast and easy regardless of what other software team members may be using.


Complete ‘out of the box’ documentation sets, combined with a powerful publishing workflow that complies with local BIM requirements, means you can focus on your designs, not the paperwork.

Archicad Document
Archicad Visualize


Bring your models to life with Archicad’s built-in palette of architectural visualization software. Our VR and rendering tools were designed to help anyone understand and navigate the BIM model. Understanding the model means decisions and changes can be made in the early design phases, saving time, money and aggravation on the building site.

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